About Us


Our Story 

Maison Oeuvre was founded by Nicole and Lucie in 2019.

With decades of passion towards art and life, they started to brainstorm on a product that merges art pieces “les œuvres" with life, thus the name Maison Oeuvre. 

By creating a playground for the artists, Maison Oeuvre uses socks as a medium for conveying artists' thoughts, emotions, and visions, through vibrant colors, expressive gestures and organic forms.


Maison Oeuvre’s products are divided into 3 main categories:

- Fantasy: Using surreal and bold illustration to create an exotic and bizarre ambiance

- Contemporary Art Now: For those who love Street Art, these socks are their must

- Literature: Maison Oeuvre paid tribute to literature, such as Camus and Ionesco, and design socks inspired by their famous works


The Founders

A former VP in an investment bank, Nicole founded this company due to her long time passion in creativity and design. She studied IS management at LSE in London, and fashion marketing at Parsons in New York. New York art culture has given her a lot of inspirations, especially on the unisex design. 


Lucie is a visual artist who grew up in a multicultural environment. After studying her art foundation in Boston, she followed her dream of pursuing artistic training in France. Lucie got her BFA in Illustration at Ecole Emile Cohl in France. Her work blends classic themes with contemporary design sensibilities.