Gallery Socks Gift Box 3-Pack (with 3 originally designed postcards)


  • Product Description

      A box set for the lovers of arts and literature.

      3 Styles included:

      With thorough discussion towards the shackles of gender roles, it is often regarded as a major work of feminist philosophy. This socks style takes inspiration and uses feminist symbol with flower tattoo blending gender symbols that represent both male and female to imply the unification of sexes and have-it-all. Unleash our uniqueness and embrace who we are.

      Ever wonder what is in the human brain? Did you know that about 75% of the brain is made up of water? This design illustrates the tiny yet unlimited universe in our mind.

      Naughty Cupid: 
      A cute and naughty design of the famous cupid boy. The arrow can turn into a heart gun or a cigarette, etc. Playful design with bold colors. Get shot!

  • Sizing Chart


      Medium Large
      Sock Size 36-39 40-43
      EUR Shoe Size 36-39 40-43
      U.S. Sock Size 9-11 10-13
      U.S. M Shoe Size 4,5-7,5 8-12
      U.S. W Shoe Size 5,5-9,5 10-12,5
      U.K. M Shoe Size 4-7 7,5-11,5
      U.K. W Shoe Size 3,5-6,5 7-11
      JPN Shoe Size 23-25,5 26-29,5


  • Care Instructions

    • Machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Bleaching or ironing should be avoided.