Funky Funny Socks Gift Box 3-Pack (with 3 originally designed postcards)

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This Funky Funny Fearless 3-pack colourful socks gift set is for that one friend who laughs out loud, loves pink and bright colours, and is not afraid to show off that pop of color in their daily outfits.

We love their colours and we want them to know that.

3 Styles included:

Secret Garden
A secret garden is where one hides suppressed desires and fetishes that are too wild for the world. These desires might be exotic, playful, or simply naughty. Rather than hiding them completely, let us embrace that part of ourselves, display them, and celebrate them. 

Dripping Monster
The monsters are in town, are you ready for some fun? The cute and silly monsters would cheer you up with their organic bodies and pop juicy eyes. For those who say power to the street art, this graffiti street style is for you. Put them on with a pair of jeans and head out to lunch or skate.

Who doesn’t love wild animals? At least I do! Lucky us, we have leopards in the house. You can see the hidden faces behind all those leaves. Abstract art formed by geometric forms, with colors of the summer. Green. Artistic. Catch them, put them on, and show them off on your IG.