Literature x Fantasy Gift Box 3-Pack (with 3 originally designed postcards)


  • Product Description

      Don’t be shy on your ankles! Let Maison Oeuvre artsy illustrated socks be your visual manifestation and speak for you. A perfect gift for your friends who are dreamers and love literature.

      3 styles included

      The word “Serpent” is taken from French meaning snake. This style features a surreal and bold depiction of the female body intertwined with a serpent, an animal that has always been a symbol of both good and evil, of desire and fertility. The illustration uses a mix of contrasting colors together with smooth linework from top to bottom, to create an exotic and bizarre ambiance.

      « Aujourd’hui, maman est morte. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas.» (Mom died today. Or maybe yesterday, I’m not sure.) Do you recognize this famous opening? Bingo! This is from L’Etranger (The Outsider) by Albert Camus in 1942. This design pays tribute to Camus, the philosopher of existentialism and absurdity. What is existentialism by the way? Alors…just keep asking - who are we why are we here why we are born? Time to have a deep thinking. This creation uses the male protagonist's silhouette, gentleman's hat, smoking pipe and pistol as symbolic patterns to demonstrate the storyline and its philosophy of life.

      Equus is dedicated to the famous and beautiful play by Peter Shaffer, in which the writer explores topics of desire, sexuality, pain, and freedom. It is a story of a teenage boy Alan who was obsessed with horses, a behaviour that was deemed to be madness by the society depicted in the play. Is the definition of madness vs. normal might be nothing but random and superficial constructions of a society? This sock style brings in multi-layer of overlapping patterns of a young man riding a horse, blood-stained eyes and sharp blade with diverse color shades to represent the story plot.

  • Sizing Chart


      Medium Large
      Sock Size 36-39 40-43
      EUR Shoe Size 36-39 40-43
      U.S. Sock Size 9-11 10-13
      U.S. M Shoe Size 4,5-7,5 8-12
      U.S. W Shoe Size 5,5-9,5 10-12,5
      U.K. M Shoe Size 4-7 7,5-11,5
      U.K. W Shoe Size 3,5-6,5 7-11
      JPN Shoe Size 23-25,5 26-29,5


  • Care Instructions

    • Machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Bleaching or ironing should be avoided.